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Valley Healing Therapeutic Massage Delivers Relief & Promotes Wellness

From the time we are children, when something hurts, the first instinct is to hold it, rub it, or stretch it.  This relaxes us and brings relief to make us feel better.  But, for conditions that are more severe or intense, the relief from discomfort may not last.

Life is too short to live with pain.  

Massage Therapy can help a sore neckMany people do not realize that professional, therapeutic massage is a proven, non-invasive alternative to living with pain, surgery, and pain killers—taking the natural instinct of using touch to heal themselves to a deeper level at the hands of a therapeutic massage professional. 
Even after sessions of other types of treatments for my rotator cuff problem, Sean was the only one to give me relief. My range of motion is 100% after just two sessions, and that is critical for the work that I do. I am glad my wife insisted I go to Valley Healing...

Whether the pain is from a chronic condition that lasts for months or years or it is the result of an injury, tight muscles and inflammation can be so debilitating that they dramatically impact a person’s quality of life. 

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Valley Healing Therapeutic Massage is Comox, BC-based practice of Registered Massage Therapist Sean Murphy.  The Comox Valley massage practice, which also offers house calls, offers clients the opportunity to reduce or eliminate pain and to restore range of motion and flexibility, in Seniors massage is beneficial to your healthaddition to relief from other symptoms.  The massage techniques offered at this Comox Valley massage practice are specific to address the root of the pain or problem, and promote increased circulation and other physiological changes so the body is better able to heal itself.

Given the years of research and the documented effectiveness of therapeutic massage, a growing number of physicians and medical practitioners are recommending it to provide relief for pain related to a variety of conditions.   And, many clients are choosing to try massage on their own, as a complement to other treatments or instead of other treatments.

Comox Massage Therapist Offers Relief To Many Symptoms
Massage Therapy can help a sore backIn addition to pain relief, therapeutic massage is a proven therapy to reduce or provide relief from otherailments and symptoms, including: insomnia, digestive disorders, respiratory conditions, sinusitis, and stress. 

Valley Healing Therapeutic Massage, owned and operated by an experienced Comox Valley massage therapist, welcomes clients of all ages, offering treatments that range from 30-90 minutes depending upon the condition and client preference.

Deep tissue massage and Swedish massage are also offered at this Comox Valley massage therapist.

For seniors in particular, the Comox Valley practice offers varying intensities of massage and can be provided to clients who are fully clothed, in a chair or wheelchair, or in a bed. 

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Sean is affilated with Houlgrave Chiropractic. Dr. Rick Houlgrave has been helping patients relieve pain and improve health for the past 10 years. From desk workers to athletes, from youthful to elder family members, Houlgrave Chiropractic provides chiropractic health care for individuals of all ages in Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland and the Comox Valley. For more information.

IN THE NEWS: Sean won an award for "New Business of The Year!"


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Massage can reduce or eliminate pain - recommended by physicians worldwide
I didn't realize there would be a diagnositic aspect to the massage therapy. I was pleased with the thoroughness of the assessment. I have also benefitted from Sean's training in MET.

Valley Healing Therapeutic Massage

Sean Murphy R.M.T.
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