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Sean won “New Business of the Year!”

The Comox Valley Home Based Business Association (HBBA) “New Business Award” honors a member who has successfully launched a new business in the previous membership year and has achieved measurable success, attracted media attention, developed consumer support and/or customer loyalty, and shown commitment to our community and the HBBA.

The member who is receiving this year’s New Business Award still finds time to give back while facing the challenges of starting a small business. Shortly after joining our association, this member volunteered to serve on the Board of Directors.

His business and reputation are growing by caring for clients, but he also participates in various community events, teaches, and volunteers his services.

A solid and dedicated member of the HBBA, who has already made his mark as a new entrepreneur, the 2012 Small Business Award recipient is…..Sean Murphy– Valley Healing Therapeutic Massage.

I always look forward to my sessions with Sean. He has a number of skills and modalities that he can call on to diagnose an issue and help resolve it. Also, as a Tai Chi instructor, Sean has a very calm Zen thing going on, which makes the sessions very calming and soothing. Finally, if you are so inclined, Sean can converse on a number of topics in an informed manner, bringing an extra element to his practice.