Status of Massage Therapy practices:

At this time, British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer has allowed massage therapy practices to re-open under certain conditions. Re-opening requires the implementation of interim guidelines and clinic protocols to limit any possible contamination and spread. We apologize for any inconvenience these new practices may cause. They have been put in place to protect you and me, as well as all others with whom we have contact. Learn More

Valley Healing Therapeutic Massage Delivers Relief & Promotes Wellness

From the time we are children, when something hurts, the first instinct is to hold it, rub it, or stretch it.  This relaxes us and brings relief to make us feel better.  But, for conditions that are more severe or intense, the relief from discomfort may not last.

Life is too short to live with pain.

Many people do not realize that professional, therapeutic massage is a proven, non-invasive alternative to living with pain, surgery, and pain killers—taking the natural instinct of using touch to heal themselves to a deeper level at the hands of a therapeutic massage professional.

Whether the pain is from a chronic condition that lasts for months or years or it is the result of an injury, tight muscles and inflammation can be so debilitating that they dramatically impact a person’s quality of life.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Valley Healing Therapeutic Massage in Comox was opened in 2010 by Registered Massage Therapist Sean Murphy.   Sean’s practice utilizes various types of massage to get to the root of the pain or problem to promote increased circulation and other physiological changes so the body is better able to heal itself–reducing or eliminating pain and restoring range of motion and flexibility.

The massage techniques offered at this Comox Valley massage practice are specific to address the root of the pain or problem, and promote increased circulation and other physiological changes so the body is better able to heal itself.

Given the years of research and the documented effectiveness of therapeutic massage, a growing number of physicians and medical practitioners are recommending it to provide relief for pain related to a variety of conditions.   And, many clients are choosing to try massage on their own, as a complement to other treatments or instead of other treatments.

After getting a massage from Sean Murphy, my husband was so relaxed that he locked his keys in the car and had to call a tow truck to get them out.  A couple of weeks later, I had a massage from Sean and was so relaxed that I did the exact same thing and had to call the towing company again!  Sean is highly professional, knowledgeable, skilled and I would recommend his therapy to anyone.


Thank you for being so good at what you do.   I continue to marvel at the freedom from discomfort and restored range of motion in my neck.   If I’d only known you could have provided such relief in two visits, I’d have come much sooner instead of living so uncomfortably for several months.